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The Caledonian Folk and Blues Festival 2018


Hi, Folks.

2018 will be our 24th year playing at The Guildford Arms, during the Edinburgh Festival. The show will run from Thursday 16th  to Saturday 25th of August. We will again be sharing the hosting with, this year, Yard of Ale hosting the first five nights and Sandy Tweeddale the last five nights. Note that this is the opposite of last year's order of play.

We have another great line-up of guests including the tried and trusted Bedford Falls, FC Ukulele and On the Wagon. We also welcome the return of last year's newcomers, the Mad Ferret Band. Chris and Sandy played a cracking set last year and I'm sure they'll give us more of the same.

We hope to see you sometime during our stint. Remember, the show is not only great fun, but it’s also absolutely FREE.


Regards, Alistair



Thursday16th to Monday 20th


Yard Of Ale (Hosts)

Having performed every year at the “Caledonian Folk and Blues Festival” since its first run, Yard Of Ale return to host the Guildford Arms for its 24th year from Thursday 16th to Monday 20th.

“These guys know how to entertain with an eclectic mix of songs and their excellent musicianship on guitars, with some banjo, mandolin and fiddle appearing in the mix. They perform numerous Scottish and Irish favourites and broaden out to include songs from Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, Rick Nelson and Lindisfarne.”   Reviewed by Ben  Douglas   one 4 review



Thursday 16th (and Tuesday 21st)


Bedford Falls (Guest)


“Bert” Bertram and Richie Henderson form one of Edinburgh’s most popular and hard working local outfits, bringing an eclectic mix of music and styles, ranging from Crowded House to Little Feat, Steve Earl to Bruce Springsteen.




Friday 17th and Saturday 18th


FC UKulele (Guest)

The return of this unique 5 piece band - consisting of ukuleles in all shapes and sizes,  drums, harmonica, 4 part vocal harmonies and the occasional kazoo! Expect unique arrangements of classic songs, old and new, with a repertoire that covers blues, rock, pop, soul and anything else in between. Not to be missed!




Sunday 19th



On The Wagon (Guest)


No strangers to the Guildford Arms, On The Wagon is a lively, three piece folk and ceilidh band from Perthshire, specialising in Scottish/Irish folk music and their own arrangements of country, blues, pop and rock 'n' roll.

The instrumental lineup includes guitars, mandolin, keyboards, moothies, accordions, bass pedals, percussion, bazooki, small and big pipes, whistles, ukeleles and banjo.




Monday 20th


Mad Ferret Band (Guest)


A welcome return of last year's newcomers, The Mad Ferret Band from Perth. They are well known on the Scottish music scene for their hard hitting blend of traditional and contemporary folk music. Their lively, energetic performances are packed with “blisteringly fast mandolin solos”, tight vocal harmonies, driving Cajon beats and earth-moving guitar sounds.




Tuesday 21st to Saturday 25th


Sandy Tweeddale (Host)


A stalwart of the “Caledonian Folk and Blues Festival, Edinburgh based, “Blues 'n Trouble” and “Blue Hyenas” singer/guitarist is an internationally renowned exponent of blues, country and ragtime, played with style.

Sandy will be hosting the show from Tuesday 21st to Saturday 25th  August, playing with two different band line-ups:

The Sandy Tweeddale Acoustic Band Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th

The Sandy Tweeddale Blues Band on Saturday 25th 



Tuesday 21st


Bedford Falls (Guest)


Bert and Richie return for another rollicking night at the Guildford. Last chance to see these guys this year. Entertainment guaranteed. Not to be missed. (see Thursday 16th for biography)


Wednesday 22nd



Edgehill (Guest)


Edgehill are an Edinburgh based band who play Country music. They got together in 2016, mainly to play the classic country songs of George Jones, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, although their banjo driven versions of Primal Scream and Rolling Stones songs go down well with  all audiences.

Thursday 23rd


Coaltown Daisies (Guest)


'Best Folk Performance' winners The Coaltown Daisies from Fife are a rising duo of singer songwriters who write and perform folk, soul and americana music. They bring together the musical stylings of established singer-songwriters, Lynzy Moutter and Vivienne Bern; their shared passion for music in all shapes and sizes steered them towards meeting in the middle and collaborating on their original songs.



Friday 24th




Kevin Gore and Eddie Hanson (Guest)

Kevin Gore is a Scottish singer/songwriter and experienced live performer, he has played to audiences in the UK ,Europe, USA and Australia. Much of his songwriting is influenced by his personal belief in equality, social justice, socialism and Scottish independence.

Eddy Hanson learnt violin in the classical style in his native England. After settling in Scotland, he returned to the instrument thanks to Edinburgh's folk culture. Since then he has been in several bands, performing at festivals and other venues throughout Europe as well as the United States. He and Kevin Gore have been playing together now for three years and are regular performers on the folk scene.


Saturday 25th


Gus Munro (Guest)


Gus Munro is one of the hidden gems of Scotland’s thriving music scene; the singer songwriter is starting to create waves in his hometown of Glasgow. His music has been described as Scottish-folk–blues, combining his love of Scottish traditional music and his passion for the blues. His song writing manages to retain the feel and emotional expression of the deep-rooted blues, while pushing through his Scottish roots in a modern context.




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Walter's Words of Wisdom

"Headless Chicken Time"


It’s been a busy time. On our return from our brilliant Denmark tour, the allotment needed much attention, we rehearsed a few new songs, I had a sell-out orchestra concert at the Melrose Book Festival, bluegrass sessions to be organised and lots more. We also have been putting the finishing touches to the new CD, which should be out next month, (I know we keep saying that but it really is getting close now!). And we’ve a few gigs to do also. 

 Then there is the Festival, with our Guildford gigs (where we hope you’ll join us!), I’ve another orchestra Fringe performance and I’m guesting for a couple of gigs with a C&W band. Phew … busy times indeed. I hope to see you somewhere along the line!



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Peter's Blog

Pedro's Nautical Natters!

Ain't No Cruise Like a Summmertime Booze Cruise!

Greetings, dear reader-‘tis I, Pedro, returned re-invigorated and red-faced from my latest sodgerin’ to our renowned retreat of rest and recraperation. Yes, myself and the lovely Snow White spent an idolic week in the land of prayer mats and camel pats-such is my popularity there I was greeted with banners welcoming me with loaded arms. The banners mistakenly said ‘Pedro go home’ so I pointed out their grammatical malfunction and was greeted with wails of approval and fists shaken in support. And an invitation to get the next boat to Greece, which was nice.

Having safely negotiated the return deportation, we look forward to the summertime series of trammels, travails and automobiles as we wander this patchwork kilt country delighting locals and holidaymakers alike, bedecked in their finest sou’westers and gaily coloured rain-lashed tarpaulins.

A rare stadium gig, even thus, as we shall, in August, grace the home of my beloved football club Musselburgh Athletic. Yes, the Olivebank Arena, the San Seagull, the Field of Fishwife shall resound to our dull set tones. This will prove to my fellow fans that I am not as shy as they think, since they keep pointing at me and singing “you’re shy, and you know you are…”, I’m not Mary Ellen, and I’m certainly not Marillion but I humbly remain…

Yours Aye,

Pedro. X

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