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Hi, Folks

We hope everyone has survived the winter months without any beasts from the east or nanooks of the north and we are all looking forward to some warmth and sunshine in the coming months.

This time last year we were busy finishing off our new CD , “Going with the Flow”. It was eventually released (escaped) in July and is selling fairly well. We were also looking forward to a particularly busy year of gigs which proved to be great fun for one and all.

In contrast, we’ve been fairly quiet so far this year and our diary could do with a few extra dates being filled over the coming months.

 We will be hosting at the Guildford Arms again this year for five of the ten nights of the “Caledonian Folk and Blues Festival” with Sandy Tweeddale hosting the other five. The festival will be our 25th year at the Guildford and runs from Thursday 15th August to Saturday 24th August with Yard Of Ale  hosting from Thursday 15th to Monday 19th. We’ve confirmed all our guests for 2019 and have managed once again to gather a strong line-up. The full line-up for our nights will be:

 “YARD OF ALE with special guests  Bedford Falls, Fire in the Grate, Mad Ferret Band and FC Ukulele”.

 Full details will be included in our July newsletter and, of course, here on our website.


 Cheers for now.


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Walter's Words of Wisdom


Onwards and Upwards!


It’s Springtime, the crocuses have croaked by now but the daffodils are still in their prime. That means it’s time to roll up sleeves and get digging up at the allotment.

This can also be a fertile time for music, as I always take the iPod with me and either put on a carefully curated selection of music I might like, or more often I just let it surprise me with random selections from the several thousand available. And every so often something suitable for the band pops up. We are working on a few of these at the moment, candidates to refresh the setlist and more than likely they will be the basis for the next CD.

I can almost hear you salivating at the prospect of a new Yard of Ale CD! Going by the rate of progress on the last one, it may be available sometime in the next 5 years.

Only joking, I’d like to think it would be a great Christmas present, but I’m just not saying which Christmas!

Anyway, back to the tatties -- they’ve got to all be in the ground well before Easter. And then there’s the broad beans, the peas and …. (cont. on p94)




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Peter's Blog

Pedro's Springtime

Fheile-ing Fine!


Greetings, music lovers and mogul muggers, ‘tis, I, Pedro, celebrating the season of resurgence, resurrection and restorative vivisection. We celebrate not only the renewal of nature and the abundance of wildlife, but also the regaining of consciousness after New Year and Burns’ Night.

And another thing…this jolly season kicks off with another fave raveday…Fheile Padraig! The commemoration of the cool dude who drove the snakes out of Ireland and got his Morris Minor impounded for his trouble. Sounds painful…any road up, this joyous occasion brings an epistle with a whistle floating eastward from the emerald nugget like a pay-per-aeroplane-Yard of Ale’s academic representative the Emeritus Prosperitous Professor John Intelligentsia O’Dublin wishes all of us greenest of greetings, gallons of gargle and shedloads of shamrocks!

Having missed him for a spell, I enquired whether the good Prof’s absence had any connection with large buildings with bars on the windows. He said he would buckle my funky mahogany parcel - at least I think that’s what he said.

So here’s hoping all is fair with our friends, and gluten-free with the globe and we’ll see you on the road, through the windae and behind the goals at The Stadium San Seagull where my drivel still swivels and I remain,

Yours Aye,


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