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Hi, Folks

 Caledonian Folk and Blues at the Guildford Arms was, once again, a great success. Huge thanks to Steve Jackson and his team for looking after us so well and to our guests, Bedford Falls, FC Ukulele, Fire in the Grate and The Mad Ferret Band, for putting on a great show and entertaining us so well. They all did a great job.

Looking ahead, we have a fairly quiet diary for the rest of the year with only our annual visit to Dalgety Bay Folk Club in October before “T in the carPark” in Aberdour after the turn of the year. It’s no secret that I have been suffering with a voice problem caused by a swelling on one of my larynx for a while now and I’ve not been taking any new bookings for now. Hopefully this will clear up before too long and we can get back up to speed. Meanwhile we have re-jigged our sets with Peter taking most of the vocal leads. The gigs we have played, including the Guildford, using this format have turned out really well and no-one appears to be disappointed with it.

 Anyway, I sincerely hope that before too long things will be back to normal and we can get back to the heap of new material we were working on and continue with the recordings that were in progress.

Cheers for now.


Update - Yesterday, 30th September, I had a return visit to my voice consultant and he discovered that the swelling on my larynx had all but disappeared to reveal a cyst lurking underneath. He is going to remove this later in October and, with a bit of luck and exercise, I should be back to singing normally again by December.


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Walter's Words of Wisdom


Onwards and Upwards!


 Wow! August was pretty intensive, with rehearsals, gigs and sessions right through the month. I had eight Fringe events in which I was playing, one of which had me playing in both Yard of Ale and the support band, Fire in the Grate, on the same evening. Three hours solid. Pretty tiring but it all went down very well.

The Fire in the Grate official Fringe gigs were successful, both in terms of the audience but also financially, which was an achievement for a first time Fringe show, so there is much to build on going forward.

 The Really Terrible Orchestra continues to sell out in spite of the obvious warning in the name. I can only assume that the copious wine served in advance of the concert (cleverly included in the ticket price!) dulled the audience’s musical appreciation sufficiently for them to ignore the occasional bad note (of which there were a few). For an orchestra supposed to be able to play in a musically synchronised fashion, too many players seemed to take Frank Sinatra’s theme song to heart. They did it their way!

 A short holiday up north followed the frenzy of the Fringe before things returning more or less to normality, whatever that is.

 So it’s onwards towards the next couple of gigs, which are interspersed round Alistair’s medical gigs. I’m sure they’ll manage to put him back together again.

 So I hope to see you soon?



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Peter's Blog

Down With Driechery

Quick, Nurse...The Screens!


Greetings, dear reader - tis I, Pedro, regaling our autumnal journal with aesthetic drivel as is my want. A pleasant summer punctuated by my kilted impersonation of a ‘pig in blanket’ in the Cyprus sun in July (escaped with only third degree mosquito bites) and a land-murk appearance at that cacophonous cornucopia of omnipotent posery, the Edinburgh Fringe. People asked “has it really been 25 years?” My answer is always thus: “yes indeed, we’re going to keep doing it till we get it right.”

Poor Al has had a difficult spell-inability to sing, being probed uncomfortably and assailed by folk in masks wielding scalpels. On top of this he’s had some medical attention  (oh lordy, whit am I like?) so naturally I’ve given him sound advice on dealing with delicate medical matters. Admittedly, that consisted solely of pinching his nose tightly and shouting “matron!” repeatedly but it still required a lot of practice and his formidable skill has now seen him ejected successfully from several establishments.

So whether it’s through the week or through the windae, dispensing our musical maestrifications, or supporting Musselburgh Athletic FC on the hallowed ground of the Estadio San Seagull I look forward to meeting and greeting with you in time-adjusted fashion as I remain…

Yours Aye,


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