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Hi, Folks

Sorry if I’m a little late with this. We didn’t have a gig on Hogmanay for the first time in years and I’m still recovering from alternative diversions. We hope you all had a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. It certainly kicked off really well with a fantastic afternoon with a great audience and a brilliant atmosphere at “T in the carPark” in Aberdour. Our guests, Colin Mackenzie, Harvey's Boys, Fire in the Grate and Ian James Macfarlane were all excellent. Many thanks, dear friends.

2018 was a super year for the band with plenty of really good quality gigs, a mini tour of Denmark, our usual festival stint at the Guildford Arms and, at last, the release of our new CD, “Going with the Flow”. It is selling well and getting a lot of  “streams” online. The online activity gives us some idea of the most popular tracks  and some of the “hot” songs are quite surprising. The CD is available at gigs or from our website: http://www.yardofale.net/recordings.htm. It can also be downloaded from Amazon and iTunes. Someone once told me that you should stream your favourite act from Spotify continuously through the night with your device muted and give them a good 8 hours of play time. Just saying.

 During the year we decided to get behind the “Get Tom to Austin” campaign to help fund Musselburgh’s Tom Fairnie to go to Texas and record his songs with Merle Brigante of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. A fantastic opportunity for one of our own. We did one of a series of charity concerts for the cause and I also produced a compilation CD album of 16 brilliant tracks kindly donated by some of Scotland’s most popular singers and songwriters who also gave of their services. This CD is also available on our website:  http://www.yardofale.net/gtta.htm. Please check it out  and help the cause. (Note: this is not featured on our website's menu bar and can only be accessed using this link).

2019 is already promising to be  another great year for Yard Of Ale and we hope to see you all at some of our gigs.

 All the best.


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Walter's Words of Wisdom


Onwards and Upwards!


Last year, Alistair’s promise of extensive foreign touring actually transpired, but the forecast of mammoth royalties from the streaming and downloading has managed to fund merely a small Americano per month (between us!). However the new CD (at last!) has given the internet sales such a flurry of activity that we may now be able to stretch to medium Americanos.

My bluegrass alter ego (Lee Harvey Waldo III)  has also been hitting the road with Fire in the Grate, and I had the somewhat surreal experience of “supporting myself” when they appeared as guests with us at Aberdour on the 2nd Jan.  It worked out pretty well so there may be a bit more of that this year.

I hope you all bought the new CD as Christmas presents. If you didn’t, there are still a few copies available. If you don’t get one now, it will cost you at least twice as much on eBay when they run out!

I hope to see you at one of our gigs this year.



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Peter's Blog

Hogwahay Survived Again!

Lang May Yer Lum Dreich!


Greetings heart huggies, lather livers and kidney cousins! ‘Tis I, Pedro, fuelled of the festive frippery and party snacks and dippery. What with having a wee break with whatnot as the crease may be, some indulgence was partaken with the bacon hence my resultant uncanny resemblance to the famous TV wrestler ‘Giant Daddy Nagasaki’. A particular highlight was a visit to ‘Pier Pizzaz’, a new restaurant in bonnie Bo’ness which is proprieted by my pals Elsie and Mike Meccano. A highly recommendable experience. I reckon I maintained my decorum as I was dragged screaming from the beer tap.

Given such conspicuous gazumption it was suggested I try a healthy eating programme. I found one on channel 41 but I was tragically disappointed to witness the complete omission of those veggie essentials beer and chips. Either or both would, in my opinion, enhance any such spread. Stick a rosemary twig on top-who’s gonny know?

Any road up, I shall skippet like a whippet and get back to my fighting height of seven foot six prior to Burns Unit night, which may involve the dreaded tartan waistcoat. When fully buttoned up on the torso del Pedro at this time of year, a stray deep breath may cause catastrophic material malfunction and an impromptu ‘Incredible Hulk’ impersonation. I here endeth this ripping yarn hoping to avoid such renderings (and possible button-related collateral shrapnel injuries) as we look forward to seeing you on our travails, and I thusly remain…

Yours Aye,


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