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Spring is in the air and everything is moving forward steadily. It’s almost a year since Walter Mowat joined Yard Of Ale and things are looking up without the uncertainty of the previous three years. With new material, two new CDs in the pipeline and our diary getting back to some normality, we look forward to a bright future.

We will be back hosting at the Guildford Arms again this year for five of the ten nights of the “Caledonian Folk and Blues Festival” with Sandy Tweeddale hosting the other five.

The festival will run from Thursday 17th August to Saturday 26th August with Yard Of Ale  hosting from Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th. We’ve confirmed all our guests for 2017 and have once again managed to gather a strong line-up. New faces this year are Mad Ferret Band who have quickly established themselves with their hard hitting blend of traditional and contemporary folk music.

The full line-up for our nights will be:

 "YARD OF ALE with special guests  On The Wagon, Bedford Falls, Mad Ferret Band and FC Ukulele”.

 Full details will be included in our July newsletter and, of course, here on our website.

Cheers for now,


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Walter's Words of Wisdom


A Year of Progress 


Hello, again, Walter here. It's over a year now and I’m starting to feel less of a replacement and more of an integral part of the band. A lot of that is due to the new songs that we have been learning, which all three of us have evolved from scratch.  A good few have been my suggestions, so I feel more ownership. Not that we are dropping the old favourites, but with the new ones, we are all equally likely to forget words or come in at the wrong time!

 Al has probably mentioned in previous newsletters that one of my musical alter egos is playing violin in The Really Terrible Orchestra. (Yes, seriously - it's an orchestra for people who aren’t good enough to play in a real orchestra!) At the Dalgety Bay Folk Club weekend away, I have to hightail it down from Kenmore to Edinburgh for a concert. It was nearly an embarrassing double booking, but fortunately the timings worked out and the  RTO concert fits neatly in between the two evenings Yard of Ale play. It does, however, make me think of the differences between playing fiddle in a folk group and playing the violin in an orchestra. However I see that Pedro's carefully crafted complete and utter gibberish leaves no room. Maybe more about this in the next newsletter? See you soon!



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Peter's Blog


Pedro's Prolific Pondering Prose!

This Sporting Life and Other Arctic Adventures


Greetings o loyalest of reader, may the bird of Tannadice anoint your McBoatface as your company is grossly appreciated, especially if you have a company that makes beer.

Folks often say to me “Pedro,” as they thusly address me thus, “why do you have such a pretentious name?” And then they say “how dost fare your jolly juvenile brood, those gambolling grandsons Rory Gallagher Stanton, Dean Martin Sauzee and Hank Williams O’Rourke Obama?” Well, though spring is allegatory upon us it is verily a tad baltic around the balearics but the combined activities of these dynamic delinquents is a slight to behold. Rory beats the weather by not being the outdoors type but excels at indoor athletics with a prowess that makes Usain Bolt look like Albert Tatlock.  Deano cheerfully chisels glaciers off his shinpads to go off into battle for our local football franchise against such stellar opponents as ‘Nedville Neds FC’ and ‘Bayern Buckie’. A keen sports scientist, he favours the four-four-baseball bat formation. Hank is more of a free spirit but teams up regularly with his doubles partner Logie O’Hooligan with whom he recently achieved intermediate level vandalism.

So the winter has been interesting with clinical calamities involving ‘Gangster Rapper Granny G’ but she is back home now and formally applying for the title ‘Mother of Pedro, Prestonpans’. It could happen…it surely must!

‘Twill be a pleasure to be out among you sharing the fruits of all the highly enjoyable time spent with Al and Walter working on lots of fine material when they’ve dragged me screaming from my cell. Should the odd faux fur occur, you can rest assured we will keep smiling (remember the speakers point away from us) and you shall be thoroughly entertained and underdone, and I shall be….

Yours Aye,


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