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Hi, Folks

We hope you all had a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. For us It will all kick off with “T in the carPark” in the courtyard of the Aberdour Hotel, Aberdour, a fantastic afternoon with a great audience and a brilliant atmosphere to blow the cobwebs away. Our guests this year are our faithful pals, Ian James Macfarlane and Colin Mackenzie. The show is free and children and dogs are welcome. The hotel will be serving food all day from 12.00 - 8.30. Why not book a table before or after the show.  01383 860 325

2019 was for me “Annus Horribilis”. I had some voice problems at the start of the year and my singing slowly deteriorated to a croak. By July, I had to leave all the lead singing work to Peter who, if you know Peter, accepted it gladly”. Thankfully there was nothing sinister going on in my throat and I had an operation to remove a cyst on my larynx in October and some follow-up appointments with a voice therapist who gave me a number of exercises to do. Unfortunately, I still have a problem and face another operation on the 7th of January. Wish me luck.

 Yard Of Ale, however, soldier on and, although I’m reluctant to take any new bookings, we seem to continue to please our audiences. Hopefully things will improve over the coming weeks and we can get back to normal.

Cheers for now.


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Walter's Words of Wisdom


2020 Vision!


It’s been a challenging year. I’m not talking about politics (though I guess I could fill the whole page with that!) but our biggest challenge has been Alistair’s disappearing voice. We’ve a number of new songs stacking up waiting for him to recover. It is frustrating for the band but, of course, it is so much worse for him. However we are hopeful that it is now on track for the voice to return next year so we can get on with recording a new CD.

 It’s been busy also for my other musical activities, the orchestra and the  country band. The latter, Fire in the Grate, had gradually shed a couple of members and was a getting to be a tight four piece, when we lost another player. So a bit of a hiatus while we decide what to do.

 Talking of country/bluegrass music, I thoroughly recommend the Ken Burns Country Music documentary series on BBC. Eight programs charting the evolution of American music. The episodes that cover the life and careers of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash would bring a tear to even to the proverbial glass eye. The only issue I have with them is that when my wife suggests that we watch another episode of the Burns documentary, it conjures up something else in my mind altogether!

 Anyway, Christmas is over, and a New Year looming soon. We’ve got a few gigs on the horizon, so I hope we might see you at one or more of them.  

 Now, I must get back to the second series of Succession (also highly recommended).  It has been a bit of a TV box set holiday period!



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Peter's Blog

Pedro's Midwinter Mince!

The Chronicles of Apache Junction

Nae Narnia Noo!


Greetings, dear reader - tis I, Pedro once again surfing the netwaves carrying my trowel of truth and my trusty bottle-opener of bad taste, baby! As I type with my uniquely traditional tactility I am comforted by the chilly glow of the Musselburgh mad mental Moon and the subdued whinge of grandchildren on the sofa. For this is the season of pieces of goodwill, time to eat, drink and be drinking and verily, ‘tis the season to be jelly.

We are particularly careful at the moment not to mick the afflicted, as many of you will be aware, our very own Abdul Albulbul Amir of the banjo has been strychnine by a throat problem which has involved repeat sugary and a programme of healing and recrimination. Walter ‘Yehudi’ Mowat and myself have been sympathy personified as the healing process continues, though it would be remiss of me not to use the plight of ‘Whispering Al McDougald’ to replenish my shoddy array of tasteless jokes. Obviously Al appreciates this and greets each new hilarious jibe with a playful flurry of right hooks and uppercuts. Keeps ye fit, though.

Anyhoo, Hippocratic high jinks aside, we will be oot and aboot as usual having it large and calling it lager, as the road goes on forever, the party  never ends and the repeat prescription is never too far away. Our festive felicitations to you all from the  lovely Snow White and myself and if the good lord’s willing and the wellies don’t leak I shall remain… 

Yours Aye,


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