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Spring In The Air ???

Hi, Folks.

I hope everyone has survived “the beast from the east”  and are looking forward to some warmth and sunshine. (we wish)

We’ve been busy finishing off our new CD and it should be available to everyone very soon. The recording is completed and all that remains outstanding is the mastering and the artwork for the CD cases. Our target for release was the end of March but the end of April is more likely.

There are some exciting gigs on the horizon, including our annual weekend away with Dalgety Bay Folk Club, The Kingdom of Fife Beer Festival and another trip to Denmark playing Samsoe, Faaborg and Svendborg with our full line-up this time. We're really looking forward to seeing all our Danish friends again and enjoying their amazing hospitality. Note to self : Remember the Paracetamol this time.

 We can confirm that we will be back hosting at the Guildford Arms again this year for five of the ten nights of the “Caledonian Folk and Blues Festival” with Sandy Tweeddale hosting the other five. The festival will run from Thursday 16th August to Saturday 25th August with Yard Of Ale  hosting from Thursday 16th to Monday 20th. We’ve confirmed all our guests for 2018 and have once again managed to gather a strong line-up. The full line-up for our nights will be:

“YARD OF ALE with special guests  On The Wagon, Bedford Falls, Mad Ferret Band and FC Ukulele”.

Full details will be included in our July newsletter and, of course, here on our website: www.yardofale.net


Cheers for now,


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Walter's Words of Wisdom

"Spring has sprung, the grass is riz,

My god, that's snow again, it is"

No, it just can’t make up its mind can it? Just when you think there might be a glimpse of sun, the clouds gather, temperature plummets, the wind whips up and snow, hail or freezing rain (or all three) comes down.  Would freeze the balls off a polar bear, it would. And I have to take the dog out in it!

Hopefully the weather will improve for our Kenmore weekend when those who haven’t had a little Chaos in their life yet will get the chance to meet him. We are banished to the dog friendly rooms across the road but will be allowed in the main building  for the meals (but not Chaos, shame!)

We’ve had a quiet time since New Year, but have taken the opportunity to get a few more songs under the belt, and we will be introducing them into the next few gigs. We also have the new CD close to completion. It has been a real marathon, but we are close to the finishing line now. Get your advance orders in!



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Peter's Blog

Pedro's Daffo-downhome Hoolie!

Glorious Springtime Gambollers Anonymous...

Greetings, pop-pickers, nose pluckers and pit-ponies, ‘tis I, Pedro, approaching with delicatessen our favourite season of spring. Coming a close third to salt and pepper. It seems like hours since they found me in the snowdrift on the old Apache Junction estate but despite being declared clinically incompetent I was right as a raindance in two shakes of a lamb’s parka. Oh, and twenty minutes on a defibrillator wired directly to Wallyford sewage treatment plant’s generator. Just the ticket, woolly campers!

Still and all, an’ all, that inviagrating experience has bolstered my holster for the next stage of our sojourn in the sodgerin’ to take the finest music and song to lucky audiences everywhere. And sometimes sing one of ours too. No sooner than our grand Easter gathering of the clangs has taken place and any resulting court cases resolved, we shall be heading for the heilands, fraternising with Fifers, and making a glorious return to our Danish dandies where we hopefully won’t get strung up by the Balkans. Jet setting or whit! Whit?

An honourable mention in descrutches to my buddy The Large and Loud Morgaaan who finds himself in The Edinburgh Broom Cupboard for the Bewildered. I visit this glorious esteemery so often I’m building a death slide across the car park to avoid the fees. What could probably go wrong? Book me a trolley matron, there could be a B&E in the A&E where I shall B…


Yours Aye,

Pedro. X

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