Scotland's Favourite Folk n' Fun Band

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The band from the Lothians with a reputation for top quality music and excellent entertainment.


Peter Gillan



Alistair McDougald  

Walter Mowat

guitar, mandolin, harmonica, bass and vocals


  banjo, guitar, percussion and vocals   guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, percussion and vocals.

Yard Of Ale perform a great mixture of folk, country, traditional and contemporary music with plenty of close harmony and cheeky banter. Check out our gig guide and come along and enjoy yourself. We'll be playing and singing Scottish music, Irish music, American music and, if it takes our fancy, some English music. Acoustic guitars, banjos, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, whistle, washboards, kazoos, in fact anything we can rattle a good tune or rhythm out of will be pressed into service.

You can hear us at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Folk Festivals, concert halls, pubs, clubs and hotels.

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With many years of experience entertaining corporate, hotel, pub and club customers in and around Scotland, the hallmark of Yard Of Ale is their versatility in both material and instrumentation. Acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins and harmonicas along with some nifty three part harmony and plenty of good crack between numbers has established the band as a complete entertainment package. Their repertoire and it's presentation is a refreshing slant on popular folk music which has proved to appeal to the most varied of audiences.

Yard Of Ale are currently playing a mixture of traditional and contemporary music mainly from Scotland, Ireland and America with material suitable for any venue. From the Corries to Credence, the Dubliners to Dylan, shows can be "themed" for any occasion.

Yard Of Ale are the popular hosts of the highly acclaimed Caledonian Folk and Blues Festival in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where they have performed annually since it's inception in 1994. See Reviews. The band are featured regularly on many local, national and international radio stations. Normally headlining their own shows, the band have also supported the Alexander Brothers and the late Michael Marra in recent years.


Yard Of Ale travel with professional self contained sound and lighting systems suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


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